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Bring your memories to life with customized wall art and canvas prints. We take your photographs and print them on a durable canvas material. The material canvas is then stretched and fitted into a standard frame is "gallery-wrapped" and is stretched over a

wooden frame creating a modern and artistic look.

  • Composition: Gallery Wrapped or Framed

  • Thickness/Depth: .75" or 1.5"

  • Edges: Mirrored, Color, Image Stretched

  • Sizes/Pricing (Canvas - 1.5" Wrap):

  • 1.5" Border Wrap

This gallery-style wrap width adds an extra touch of style to your canvas.

Border Options
  • Image Wrap

  • Your image will continue to wrap around the canvas.

  • No extra charge!

Mirror Wrap

Your image will stop along the edge on the front of the canvas and then reflect like a mirror as it wraps around the sides. No extra charge!

Colored Border Wrap

Your image will stop along the edge on the front of the canvas with a solid color border of your choice. We offer a wide spectrum of colors for you to choose from. No extra charge!

We can print and stretch ANY CUSTOM size! Pricing starts at $39 (.75") or $59 (1.5") for an 8x10.


Retouching Options:
  • Complimentary Retouching includes:

  • Removing Red Eye

  • Auto Adjust Color

  • Sharpness/Brightness Contrast

  • Conversion to Black/White, Sepia

Basic Retouching:
  • Remove moles, scars, blemishes

  • Add Text

  • Whiten Teeth

  • Photo Imperfection Clean-Up

  • Advanced Retouching:

  • Isolate Color

  • Remove Objects

  • Wrinkle Removal

  • Retouch major photo imperfections

  • 8" x 10"

  • 11" x 14"

  • 12" x 18"

  • 16" x 20"

  • 18" x 24"

  • 24" x 36"


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